Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boss is always right

9am - 1 pm, ive been sitting in the meeting room for the KSP meeting, which is the first ( 2 meeting annually) meeting for this year. Boleh ruam punggung dibuatnya.

one colleague who is quite new in our team keep arguing with the big boss. Doesn't she know how the boss is.

Don't u ever ever try again my dear friend. At the end kita kalah gak. Pity for you.

Boss is always right


Wawa said...


yelah kan, boss is always right, even when she is wrong.

but most of the time dia memang betul kak.

camne nih?


bina said...

tu lah.... bak kata org jawa nggeh kan aje. pastu pandai2 la nak buat camna lepas tu.