Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Folder hiden by virus

My folder been attacked by virus. twice. all folders jadi hidden. first time dah dapat retrieve. then again, it happened.

pastu asyik lupa je command ni, jenuh nak search balik solution. so for reference if it happened again, saya paste step tu kat sini.

To retrieve your hidden folders and files

Use the DOS

1. Start Menu -->Run---> type--> cmd ---> click "ok"

2. Go to the folder that has the hidden files or hidden folders using its path

3. When you are in the folder that contain the hidden folder or file
Type--> attrib -h File_Folder_Name

Note: to move in folders using DOS follow the following, for example
the hidden folder has the name "Movies" and its location is in

type --> D: --> Enter --> type -->dir ---> Enter -->to see all the folders and the files in the D, then -->type --> cd Folder1 ---<> dir ---> Enter -->to see all the folders and files in Folder1 ---> type --->cd Folder2 ----> Enter ---> dir ---> Enter ---> to see all the folders and files in Folder2

You should not see Movies in Folder2 becasue it is hidden

Type ---> attrib -h Movies

Movies will be unhidden

Type --> dir ---> Enter ---> you will see all folders and files in Folder2 and you will see Movies one of them

Type ---> cd Movies ---> Enter ---> type ---> attrib -h *.* ----> to unhide all the files in this folder

Last Note:

1. To unhide Folder --> type ---> attrib -h FolderName
2. To unhide File -----> type----> attrib -h FileName.Extension
3. To unhide all the files in the folder --> type --> attrib -h *.*
4. If the file or folder name contains spaces type the name between " "
Folder ---> "All English Movies"
File ------>"English Movies.doc"